Author: Chris Newman – CreativeWebTech

In today’s technology filled world, all business will benefit from having a website. Bars , pubs and restaurants are no exception to this rule. In fact with the growth of Social Networks and the mass of online  ‘word of mouth’ marketing avenues available today you would almost consider it business suicide not to have a website for a business which operates in the social entertainment environment.

When people go out for an evening they want to have fun. When they have a great night at your venue they will talk about it with their family and friends (FACT). In todays society this talking or word of mouth happens physically but more importantly it happens digitally via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

All pubs, bars and restaurants should have a professional website which gives a fantastic visual impression to visitors without compromising the content. Content is the key reason people will visit your website.

Your website will of course offer  general details like hours of operation, location(s), menus, specials, events, bands, contact options, information on staff, but has the power to offer so much more.

Your website together with social media marketing can immerse you into your market and seriously increase your client interaction and visibility.

Galleries are a must. They can show everything from the venue in its presentable mood to previous events and upcoming attractions such as bands. During special events, visitors love to hear that their picture may be taken and posted on the bar’s website for all to see. You can hand them a card with the address on it so they can visit it the next day to view/download the image(s). This way they can share those images with their friends through means such as social networks, and then their friends will see these pictures and want to come check out the bar for themselves.

Even video of events past or to promote upcoming events can be added to the website to generate additional buzz.

With the introduction of the ‘Like’ Button in Facebook for instance this offers you a very powerful tool. When you draw people to your website via images or video and they press the like button this is automatically shared with all their friends on Facebook. If their friends press the like button it spreads again. See how your marketing your business through digital word of mouth.


As you can already see your website can make a major difference when it comes to bringing new visitors to your establishment, by offering a vast number of features to lure them or bring them back.

Share additional information on sponsors or special guests, offer press/news information, options in regards to employment, history about the bar, stream music, and once again…so much more.

For any bar, pub, or restaurant, websites not only offer another excellent form of advertisement, they also add to the experience of their visitors that seems to keep going even when they leave.

CreativeWebTech can help you with all of this. Not only will we setup all the above mentioned marketing avenues for you we can integrate your venue into the social community. Give you full CMS access so you can easily update and change information, prices, menus, photos, video, events, etc at any time you wish.

CWT will give you a blog page so you can share information and promote anything in minutes.

Don’t think of your website as a static site simply offering venue information, opening times, prices, menus etc. Your website can become your greatest link to your clients and one of the best investments your venue ever makes.