How important is a local business directory, a Local Business Directory is a website with lists of businesses. Usually each business can create their own page to post coupons and special offers, contact information, photos and videos. Local Business Directories have recently been added into search results on search engines. This means if you look up a keyword such as San Diego Dentist you would see a list of local businesses. The search engines index local business directories and catalog the reviews associated with each business. Some search engines even involve citations and reviews in the ranking algorithms for the local results.

The best method to increase your exposure online with Local Business Directories is creating content rich listings. Don’t just add a general description and a logo, try adding videos, coupons, links to Facebook and Twitter pages, and so on. It’s important to cite your business anywhere online you can, not just for immediate exposure but for the chance someone will land on that page in the future. Traffic equals money on the internet.

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Some of the local business directories include Google places, What’s On In Andover and more. Search engines place more of an importance on directories which have age and traffic.