Is your Website WorkingAn honest insight into Website Design and Function

Believe it or not but in today’s world your website should be your primary marketing tool.

Build correctly it will also become by far your most cost effective marketing tool.

For any business the decision to have a website will always be a difficult one. Immediately you will think about the upfront and ongoing costs, the impact it will have on your bottom line (if any) and whether or not you even need one in the first place (as you will never sell anything online perhaps).

Think about it these are all good and proper thoughts to have when considering a website but do you notice they are all negative thoughts!

The primary reason these are the thoughts any business will have is due to the grey, foggy and secretive world of website design and the lack of understanding in why a website is necessary and what is really possible from a website. This is not your fault of course – Its our fault for not honestly educating existing and potential business owners of the REAL advantages of a website in today’s world.

In this article I will hope to give you an honest insight into the world of websites and try to help you understand the possibilities and how a website can become your primary and most cost effective marketing tool you ever invest in.

OK Lets get Started

First lets think about what a website is all about, why we might need one, how it can help us and what is the basic point of having one at all.

The reason for having a website is different for all people and businesses and each individual will need to know what is possible before they can accurately make a decision to invest in a website or not.

Based on the huge number of people I have discussed the ‘website’ issue with it has become clear that the general understanding is far from the truth when considering a website.

This is the typical understanding of a website!

A collection of pages of information held online giving details regarding my business, opening hours, services, images and contact information. Maybe a link to a Facebook page and a Twitter page. That’s it!

OK lets consider the above understanding.

This description would be for a ‘static’ website. Yes it does contain outgoing links to Facebook and Twitter although this site would not be interactive and site content would rarely change due to the need for the website designer to make changes for the site owner.

I think other than giving you an online presence (Which will almost always be better than no online presence) this website is anything but a marketing tool which can give you any level of measurable effectiveness in marketing and growing your business.

So with the majority of business owners having this understanding it has to be expected that ‘the website’ is low down on the marketing needs of a business.

What would you love to have a website do for you?

  • Actively promote the business, events, products, services and news.
  • Be able to add and update content myself (Without any coding knowledge)
  • Add images or galleries
  • Have a news feed which I control
  • Be able to post new information to the website and all social networks in a single click
  • Allow visitors to engage with the site. Sign up for my news feed, leave comments etc
  • The ability to engage with my clients and grow a community

Imagine having the above website and how you can use this to pro-actively promote and grow your business.

Of course I said all business are different and many other options are available beyond the above such as full eCommerce for example.

The power of Social Networks

We have all heard about Facebook, Twitter etc etc etc but probably don’t understand how these networks can work for us and help grow our business.

I’m going to give you a true example from one of our clients.

The client is a public house which like most pubs have live music and events happening all the time.

Our client has a website as discussed earlier – the fully interactive site which he is control of.

Here’s how his story goes.

  • Live band playing at the pub in a couple of weeks.
  • He creates a news post with images promoting the event and posts it live on his site and across his social networks.
  • The news spreads through his networks in Facebook and Twitter.
  • He adds more news promoting the event right up until the night of the event.
  • Prior to the event he produces blank cards with his website address on.
  • As people arrive at the event he explains during the event they will be taking lots of photos which will be added to an event gallery on the website following the event.
  • He explains visitors will almost certainly appear in the gallery and to visit the website to have a look.
  • Post event he produces more news items and launches the event gallery (all done himself without any coding knowledge)
  • The gallery images are connected to his Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Visitors come to the site, view and ‘like’ the gallery thus sharing the gallery through their networks.


  • Site traffic increased incredibly
  • His post event gallery went viral on the social networks
  • His social following more than doubled
  • His instant access to his client base was growing and in his hands

This is a perfect example of how an interactive ‘marketing tool’ website allows you to pro-actively market your business.

If you own an entertainment business e.g. a pub or a nightclub etc and don’t have a website which works for you in this way then you are truly missing out on today’s largest marketing arena.

Of course this is true of almost any business.

Static websites are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and full interactive marketing websites offer a business a true marketing tool with full customer interactivity.

I will post further news in the future explaining how you can also be a master of your own SEO with a marketing website.

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