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    Where are you in Google?

    How do you move up Google?

    Can you get to page one on Google for your product or service?

    Well let’s see, do a Google search for the product or service you or your company provides and see where you are, are you even on Google, does Google know about you?

    You can move up Google by having a decent web presence, linking your web presence in the correct way with Google, ensuring that your web presence is designed in a Google friendly way to best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you and your product or service.

    Add fresh content to your web presence on a regular basis and share that information with your friends, family, colleagues and the world.

    And if you work at it, then yes, you can get to page one of Google with the correct help and the correct tools put before you.

    I have taken 6 of my clients and Google’ d them for a product and or service search and they all appear on page one of Google for their chosen product or service.

    Can we help you and give you a new and professional looking website with the added ability to update the events, news, products and pages yourself?

    Yes we can.

    Simply give us a call and we will come to you and explain how easy it is to be in control of your website and engage with your customers.

    All it will cost is 30 minutes of your time and a coffee would be good, milk no sugar thank you.

    This system is not just a website, it’s a complete online marketing tool, giving you the chance to be completely proactive in promoting your business.

    Follow the link below and send me an email to book a time which is convenient for you.